COM-12PSB fuel injection pump test bench is a model launched by our company. The main drive of this product adopts the most advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology, and the stepless speed regulation range can reach 0~4000RPM, the speed is stable, the output torque is large, and the noise is ultra-low. The rotation speed, temperature and oil quantity of the test bench are displayed by a digital meter, and the air pressure isdisplayed by a mechanical meter. The display is clear and the work is reliable.The most prominent feature of thistest bench is, it has ten speed presets, fast preset speed and high precision, which greatly saves the time of pump adjustment and improves work efficiency. It is used for diesel engine, automobile, and tractor manufacturers to conduct oil pump debugging inspections. The equipment is also an ideal product for the oil pump maintenance industry.

COM-12PSB test bench has power supply options of 7.5KW, 11KW and 15KW etc.

  1. Main motor speed ajusted by frequency converter;
  2. Low fall of rotational speed and high output torque;
  3. High precision;
  4. The function of over voltage short circuit and overload protecting;
  5. Ten kinds of rotation speed presetting;
  6. Constant temperature control;
  7. Ultra-low noise;
  8. Potentiometer mutually exclusive operation on both sides, convenient and reliable;
  9. Digit-display of rotation speed, count and temperature, the air pressure is displayed by mechanical gauge;
  10. Inside air pump system.

  • Measure each cylinder’s delivery at various rotation speeds;
  • Check the oil supply time of each cylinder stactically;
  • Check mechanical governor performance;
  • Check the electromagnetic valve of distributor pump;
  • Check the performance of the pneumatic governor;
  • Check the performance of the pressure compensator;
  • Measure oil return of the distribution pump;
  • Messure the inner pressure of the distribution pump boby;
  • Check the negative pressure performance of the air governor;
  • Test the sealing of fuel injection pump.

  1. Range of rotational speed adjusted:0~4000rpm;
  2. Double series of graduates: 45CC, 150CC;
  3. Volume of oil tank: 60L;
  4. Temperature stabllization:40±2℃;
  5. Test oil-filtering unit: 5u;
  6. 12V/24V;
  7. Feed pressure: high:0-4MPa; low: 0-0.4MPa;
  8. Air pressure: positive 3 MPa;negative: -0. 03~0 MPa;
  9. 3-phase electrical supplies: 380V/50HZ/3PH,220V/60HZ/3PH. (or on request);
  10. Flywheel inertia's moment:0. 8kg·m2,
  11. Shaft height (from the mounting bed to the center of the shaft axle): 125mm;
  12. Output power: 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW,18.5KW (or on request);
  13. Overall dimensions: 1700×960×1860 (MM);
  14. Net weight: 800KG

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